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2008-09-27 08:57:32 by Pazil
Updated's been almost half a year now, and I still haven't delivered the promised PBX 2 (paintball xtreme 2)...But I have some good news!

After being stuck in the phase where I pretty much just keep opening new .fla's, and starting new projects and games, and never finishing...I checked my last post, and the comments. Even though there were only about 4, they still motivated me to keep making PBX 2! So, with the minimal things I have already done, I had a step already done. I then revamped the tile engine to bring you guys the most graphical detail in the levels as possible, without sacrificing much speed.

Current progress:
Tile engine set up and running!
Character movements and shooting!
Paintballs flying around+hit detection...

I'm pretty proud of the work I've already completed, since I think the new graphics will REALLY spice things up in contrast to my old PBX...
And now comes the really hard part...programming the damn enemy AI's!!! Well, I guess I'll start with pathfinding, and move on from there, but for those of you who favourited my old PBX will probably recieve PM's soon asking to beta test the game...atleast just the engine (still gotta set up cities, gun editting, team stuff...etc.)

So all in all, PBX 2 is back on track! This is just to inform you guys how it's going...though you probably forgot about PBX anyways...

Thanks, cya, and stay tuned!

btw, I don't consider the past 6 months a waste of time, since I accomplished a lot of concept projects, and therefore created a sort of stepping stone to jump off of for some new games.


Paintball Xtreme

2008-05-04 20:54:57 by Pazil

It seems that I have gotten a lot greater response to my Paintball Xtreme game than before. Of course, this makes me happy, and gives me confidence to actually make a sequel to it. One thing that I can promise right now, there WILL be a paintball 3! I'm still working on the basic engine, and it might get done before paintball 2, but that'll leave more time to make promotional movies for it...

Anyways, I'm glad most people like my paintball game!

***NEW FEATURES for Paintball Xtreme 2***
-2 other team mates for 3 vs. 3 battles
-Modded AI for different enemy strategies
-Ability to command team mates
-Level and experience system
-More customizable guns (Pressurizer, hopper, trigger, barrel, etc.)
-Different cities with different teams and tournaments to do!
-Not sure about the rest, which is where you people come in!

Please post about what you guys would like to see in the upcoming Paintball games! All advice is important to me! Please comment!

CL-Crazy Latvian

AI Collab started!!!

2008-03-15 19:41:24 by Pazil

I've started my first Collab! 6933

It's a collab aimed for programmers (not something you see too often), and I want to get a few people together to make an ultimate AI computer player! If successful, you'll definetly be seeing a paintball game with a lot better AI!

Please visit the thread when you get the chance! And try to contribute ideas! Thanks!


PM for questions!

Hard work starting...

2008-02-23 19:00:16 by Pazil

Hey guys!

I know I haven't exactly posted anything in the past while...all I've got going is a few prototypes, but I'm starting to think about next Halloween already...I'll try to get something EXTREMELY special ready for then...

You might see a major release before hand, and maybe a few quick games...

If anyone has any idea's for any quick games I could do, then I'd be glad to hear them, and then I'll put you in credits for ideas...


Pong series!

2007-12-21 13:31:19 by Pazil

Ok! I'm going to leave the Paintball theme for now, (might come back to it with a little special something! ;) ). For now: Circle Pong!

FOr the next while I'll be working on prototypes for all sorts of games, so don't expect any submissions for a while...I need to wait for my burst of inspiration...

Xtreme Paint Ball

2007-11-09 21:45:22 by Pazil

PaintBall 2 will now come a bit later...all my inspiration has been wasted on it...sorry for the ones that wanted to see it...but...

I haven't yet decided which project I'm gonna start next (I've got 2 in mind)...but I'll update you guys sometimes!