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Paintball Xtreme

2008-05-04 20:54:57 by Pazil

It seems that I have gotten a lot greater response to my Paintball Xtreme game than before. Of course, this makes me happy, and gives me confidence to actually make a sequel to it. One thing that I can promise right now, there WILL be a paintball 3! I'm still working on the basic engine, and it might get done before paintball 2, but that'll leave more time to make promotional movies for it...

Anyways, I'm glad most people like my paintball game!

***NEW FEATURES for Paintball Xtreme 2***
-2 other team mates for 3 vs. 3 battles
-Modded AI for different enemy strategies
-Ability to command team mates
-Level and experience system
-More customizable guns (Pressurizer, hopper, trigger, barrel, etc.)
-Different cities with different teams and tournaments to do!
-Not sure about the rest, which is where you people come in!

Please post about what you guys would like to see in the upcoming Paintball games! All advice is important to me! Please comment!

CL-Crazy Latvian


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2008-05-06 22:58:34

Sounds awesome! Hope it gets front paged when it comes out.

Pazil responds:

Thanks! I hope there's enough features already?


2008-05-07 11:24:58

I have noticed after a while of having the gun it fucks up the paint thing when you have enough and have to buy another gun.

Pazil responds:

Errr...What gun, and what paint thing? I'm sorry, but I really don't know what you mean...If there's any bugs I WILL fix them!


2008-05-09 12:14:20

All of the guns i find after you have had them a while it loses its power completely and when you have paint.

Pazil responds:

I'm working on that...but...does this only happen after you load a game that you saved, or just out of the blue? Is it a certain map?


2008-05-14 11:50:33

Not too sure i think it might be the loading thing it is not a particular map i think it is out of the blue but most likely when you load.