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2008-09-27 08:57:32 by Pazil
Updated's been almost half a year now, and I still haven't delivered the promised PBX 2 (paintball xtreme 2)...But I have some good news!

After being stuck in the phase where I pretty much just keep opening new .fla's, and starting new projects and games, and never finishing...I checked my last post, and the comments. Even though there were only about 4, they still motivated me to keep making PBX 2! So, with the minimal things I have already done, I had a step already done. I then revamped the tile engine to bring you guys the most graphical detail in the levels as possible, without sacrificing much speed.

Current progress:
Tile engine set up and running!
Character movements and shooting!
Paintballs flying around+hit detection...

I'm pretty proud of the work I've already completed, since I think the new graphics will REALLY spice things up in contrast to my old PBX...
And now comes the really hard part...programming the damn enemy AI's!!! Well, I guess I'll start with pathfinding, and move on from there, but for those of you who favourited my old PBX will probably recieve PM's soon asking to beta test the game...atleast just the engine (still gotta set up cities, gun editting, team stuff...etc.)

So all in all, PBX 2 is back on track! This is just to inform you guys how it's going...though you probably forgot about PBX anyways...

Thanks, cya, and stay tuned!

btw, I don't consider the past 6 months a waste of time, since I accomplished a lot of concept projects, and therefore created a sort of stepping stone to jump off of for some new games.



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2008-10-14 19:55:29

maybe it's just a crappy screenshot, but you should probably work on the graphics a bit.


2008-10-26 16:55:32



2008-10-29 08:07:25

Why are you taking the game off?

Pazil responds:

Nevermind...Paintball Xtreme 2 is not coming out for a while. I've moved to Actionscript3.0, and I've coded up a library to use when I'm programming, to make things much easier. Therefore, if PBX2 ever does come out, it won't be using a tile engine, and the graphical detail will be even better...hopefully...


2009-10-05 01:08:52

that was a gud game even it neded help. i guess the next 1 will be better im expecting that game